MR Xmas Calendar Day 8: Inter Arma

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at bands and artists which impressed us or had some impact in 2016!

Band: Inter Arma
Label: Relapse Records
Country: USA
Genre: Post-Metal/Sludge/Black/Death Metal


Inter Arma aren’t a band that do things by halves – their previous release consisted of one 43-minute track. They’re also quite difficult to pin down too, given that their music blends together a variety of genres, such as doom, sludge, black, death and post-metal, even in just one song. This year, with their 70-minute behemoth of an album Paradise Gallows, the five-piece from Richmond, Virginia staked their claim as one of the most exciting underground metal bands for the future, as they are one of the few bands today who can deliver such punishing excess, expansive musicality, and devastating beauty all at the same time.


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