MR Xmas Calendar Day 19: Church of the Cosmic Skull

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at bands and artists which impressed us or had some impact in 2016!

Artist: Church of the Cosmic Skull
Label: Bilocation Records
Country: UK
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Church of the Cosmic Skull is an enigma for sure. They are both a “new religious movement” and a new, yet antiquated rock band. They have the style of 70s hard rock and heavy metal bands, but the cultish vibe of Sabbath Assembly. The group recently released their debut, Is Satan Real?. Six of the seven members sing, providing some intense harmonies. They have pleasant, feel-good tracks like the opener “Mountain Heart,” but then create mystically evil numbers, like the doom-laden “Black Slug”. The songwriting is strangely engaging and the melodies are wonderful. Eclectic and eccentric, this band is definitely one of the more unique groups in the retro scene today.

More Church of the Cosmic Skull:

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