MR Xmas Calendar Day 21: The Answer

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at bands and artists which impressed us or had some impact in 2016!

Band: The Answer
Label: Napalm Records
Country: Northern Ireland
Genre: Hard Rock

I discovered The Answer about two – three years ago when I was researching the bands performing Wacken Open Air. I have known of them before and have seen their name on posters and press releases here and there but never really paid attention. After listening to their album Raise a Little Hell, I fell in love with their sound and passion straightaway (and even booked myself an interview at Wacken).

2016 was a big year for the Northern Irish lads. They celebrated 10 years of their debut full-length, Rise, with a remastered re-release and a European tour, which started at the legendary 100 Club in London. Until they released their sixth full-length album, I associated the act with hard rock, blues rock and the swampy-bluesy sounds of the American South. With Solas, however, the band turned into a new direction and in a way reached a new level of artistic expression. Instead of producing just another hard rock album, the band members of The Answer embraced their recent difficult personal experiences, opened their hearts, translated it into music and recorded it. I won’t lie that I wasn’t skeptical initially, but I ended up loving this moving release. More importantly, the new songs translate well live (and this is the most crucial aspect of rock ‘n’ roll).

More The Answer:
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