MR Xmas Calendar Day 24: Mgła & Polish Music

In the run-up to Christmas, we look at bands and artists which impressed us or had some impact in 2016!

Band: Mgła
Record Label: No Solace / Northern Heritage Records
Country: Poland
Genre: Black Metal

Following the release of Exercise in Futility in 2015, Mgła have appeared almost everywhere. They have toured throughout Europe in 2016 either on their own as headliners or supporting acts such as Behemoth, and they have also appeared at prestigious festivals such as OFF Festival (Poland), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic) or Party San Open Air (Germany). Both on record and during their live performances, Mgła create an atmosphere unlike anyone else. No, they are not reinventing the wheel, but they emphasise atmosphere while at the same time creating tunes which you can bang your head to. They are definitely masters of their craft. Together with acts like Furia and Batushka they are keeping the flame of Polish metal alive and reminding us – those living outside of Poland – that it’s not only Vader and Behemoth in Poland.

More notable releases from Poland in 2016 (in addition to the Furia album which was already mentioned the day before):

Wędrowcy~Tułacze~Zbiegi – Światu jest wszystko jedno (Devoted Art Propaganda)
ARRM – ARRM (Instant Classic)
Arkona – Lunaris (Debemur Morti Productions)
Entropia – Ufonaut (Arachnophobia Records)
Sacrilegium – Anima Lucifera (Pagan Records)
Misanthropic Rage – Gates No Longer Shut (Godz ov War Productions)
Mentor – Guts, Graves & Blasphemy (Arachnophobia Records)
In Twilight’s Embrace – Trembling (Arachnophobia Records)
Owls Woods Graves – Owls Woods Graves (Malignant Voices)
Sauron – Wara! (Witching Hour Productions)
Thunderwar – Black Storm (Witching Hour Productions)
Cultes des Ghoules – Coven, or Evil Ways Instead of Love (Hells Headbangers/Under the Sign of Garazel Productions)

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