Rave The Reqviem – The Gospel of Nil

Swedish synth/industrial metal outfit Rave the Reqviem are back with their second full length album The Gospel of Nil, which is so far proving to be very well received from the follow up to their 2014 self-titled effort. After signing with DWA Records in 2013, Rave the Reqviem are currently the labels biggest selling artist on the roster and are primarily building a very steady fanbase throughout Eastern Europe.

The Gospel of Nil is a very interesting listen, keeping you on your toes and providing a very strong production which can be very difficult to rival. Equipped with dual vocalists Machinists Filip Lonnqvist (also known as “The Prophet”) and his mother Carola (also known as “The Holy Mother”) they both offer very astonishing dynamics that you rarely come across in our beloved genre. With a variation between this futuristic, distorted and wretched deep growls and out of nowhere comes a very soprano, enchanting and melodic voice which changes the tempo of every track on the album; strong yet almost light as a feather.

In the world of industrial metal, dynamics are paramount and Rave the Reqviem have a very good balance. Every single member of the band really play such a prominent role in the album which can be very difficult for some bands to pull off. I personally find “Illvsion Shaper” to be a perfect example of this as it brings 4 and a half minutes of blistering guitar riffs and intense drum patterns, but also forces you down another journey through the tides of nebula that leads into a false sense of security of “what will happen next?”


These electronic enthusiasts are also very notable for intertwining everything from industrial, drum n’ bass and trance which make them a very unique listen and really give each track that extra punch. I especially feel this would be a great discovery for quite a varied group of metal fans, whether you enjoy listening to artists like Amaranthe, Nightwish, Epica or Within Temptation (definitely feeling that vibe within these tracks) or whether you’re a fan of Ministry, Sybreed or Fear Factory who are a lot more on the extreme side. A very interesting band to listen to who really have a lot of potential to build a larger fanbase in different parts of the world.

Rave the Reqviem have also just released a new music video in support of The Gospel of Nil “Synchronized Stigma”, be sure to check it out!

Track listing:

  1. Prelvdivm (Nihil Ex Nil)
  2. Azalea
  3. Synchronized Stigma
  4. I Hold The Sceptre
  5. Eschaton
  6. Mono Heart
  7. Illvsion Shaper
  8. Solely For The Sake Of Vengeance
  9. The Primary Fvel
  10. Black Dog Baptized
  11. Postlvdivm (Nil Ex Nihil)

Rave the Reqviem are:

The Prophet – vocals, guitars, synth
The Holy Mother – vocals
The High Priest – vocals, electronics
The Deacon – drums
The Archbishop – bass guitar

More Rave the Reqviem:

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