Bloodshed Fest – Nambucca, London (UK) – Saturday 15th October 2016

"Their final show was complete bedlam, but it wouldn't be a Nachos gig without bedlam."

Bloodshed Fest for me nearly didn’t happen. When I joined the queue in the pouring rain, the doors were to open late due to some of the bands arriving late, which meant the show would start late. One bar member said that Weekend Nachos would not start till midnight, meaning I would miss a band that I had waited six months to see. However, due to quick change overs, the show ended up finishing earlier than expected. The Nachos lads were the true to the DIY ethos, hanging out at the merch stand, posing for photos and selling the merch themselves. It was nice to see a band revered by many act really down to earth.


“If you’re a bit wet from the rain, you could dry yourself off by buying our merch!” announced Abandon Cause‘s frontman to an amused crowd. Abandon Cause were hilarious, their on stage banter was genuinely funny and natural. It was refreshing to see a hardcore band not take themselves seriously and not afraid to joke around. The music luckily was also great, a solid dose of politically fuelled classic hardcore that was honest and memorable. This is a band to keep an eye out for.

King of Pigs are hardcore punk heroes and put on a show fitting of that title. Fast, furious and without Vin Diesel in sight, the King of Pigs were really cool. They put on a show that went by too quickly but was loved by all. These veterans still have it.

“Good afternoon,” announced The Afternoon Gentlemen‘s vocalist Rich before their set, in a manner that would fit a British tea party. Instead, what followed was one of the most enjoyable grind sets to hit London. The Gentlemen were far from ‘proper’, but their set was incredibly enjoyable. Everyone had a grin on their face, even the people being tackled in the mosh pit were loving it. The Afternoon Gentlemen are one of our best grind exports and are a band you need to see.

Homewrecker’s death metal-meets-hardcore was hard hitting and brutal. Homewrecker were a replacement for Wormrot who had to drop out the door and they were the perfect replacement. Homewrecker’s music oozed with malice, coming off as the bastard child of Death and Discharge. The precision of the death metal influenced punk riffs annihilated the Nambucca and won over lots of people. I hope they come back soon.

Weekend Nachos’ final show was everything I hoped it would be. The crowd were manic, constantly moshing, stage diving and crowd surfing for the 40 minutes they were on set. Playing a set from across their entire discography, Weekend Nachos’ London send off was chaotic and violent but a great way to say goodbye to a city that had given them so much. The band were grateful to the fans and for staying with them for the ride. Their final show was complete bedlam, but it wouldn’t be a Nachos gig without bedlam.

Abandon Cause
King of Pigs
The Afternoon Gentlemen
Weekend Nachos
Old Empire

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