Event Preview: Oathbreaker, Svalbard, Grave Lines and Barque @ Camden Underworld, London (UK) – Friday 20th January 2017

"Rheia was a highlight of last year. It's one of those albums that constantly surprises and amazes, even when you've listened to it a few times. Oathbreaker are a band who will knock you off your feet."

Camden is spoilt when it comes to amazing gigs; if I lived there I’d be bankrupt due to the amount of high quality gigs occurring in the area. In January when Belgium’s Oathbreaker return to make a racket (thanks to Nightshift Promotions), they will be joined by some amazing supports.

Barque are an excellent up and coming punk band from France who will be making their UK debut with this gig. Barque have taken a few queues from the headliners themselves by taking influence from many different fields, but their attitude is firmly punk. Highly energetic and passionate about the arts, Barque will make for an excellent opener.

Coffin Cutters by barque

Grave Lines seem to be everywhere at the moment at the moment. They’re something of an underground supergroup, made up of current and ex members of bands such as Dead Existence, Sea Bastard, Casual Nun, War Wolf, Dysteria, Throne and Landskap amongst others. Grave Lines music is Pentagram on steroids, slow and heavy with a sense of manic chaos flowing through it like a sludgy river. Grave Lines put on a top live show and are one to leave work early to catch.

Welcome To Nothing by Grave Lines

Svalbard are one of the UK’s most exciting bands to follow. It’s a phase that’s been used a lot in music, but Svalbard really have the potential to be the next big thing. With so much going on in their music that contains elements of screamo, hardcore punk, black metal, crust and post-rock, they are hard to pin down. Svalbard live are a force whether they are in a small venue or a large venue, they have a massive sound that is as appealing as it is addictive.

Oathbreaker cannot be categorised into a genre, they blend elements of black metal, hardcore punk and post-metal (or as I like to call it, blackened post-hardcore). Oathbreaker are one of those bands that are undeniably special, they are so unique and have won respect and admiration from multiple walks of life. This is all down to their music, their latest album Rheia was a highlight of last year. It’s one of those albums that constantly surprises and amazes, even when you’ve listened to it a few times. Oathbreaker are a band who will knock you off your feet.

Grave Lines
Nightshift Promotions
The Camden Underworld

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