Cioran – Bestiale Battito Divino

"Pure of heart, metal in spirit, punk in terms of aggression and three-chord progressions"

Padua, Italy’s Cioran must have been influenced by the somewhat obscure works of philosopher Emil Cioran, whose work focused on emptiness and despair. The band Cioran doesn’t mull over philosophical intellectualism on their latest release via Caligari Records, entitled Bestiale Battito Divino. They rage with blackened punk fury and only occasionally slow down to balance out the blast sections. They don’t mope around like their namesake from Austria, nor do they sound like a doom band ready to usher in the demise of mankind to make way for the next ecce homo, homo sapiens sapiens sapiens.

They jam with primitive but highly enjoyable staunch rage, and come out the gate ready to move the moshpit. Caligari Records has scored another great release with Cioran’s latest, and Bestiale Battito Divino isn’t your typical blackened punk a la Aksumite. They don’t sound like the very stellar Human Bodies either. They carve a niche of their own by fielding plenty of mid-tempo banging, plenty of blasts and punk/grind riffs, then slow down intermittently, and cymbal crash, downpick ’til the world falls down.

Pure of heart, metal in spirit, punk in terms of aggression and three-chord progressions, Cioran blaze through six highly enjoyable tracks destined for analog audio bliss for fans of blackened punk. Or for that matter, for fans of any aggressive metal. The occasional opera samples are also a nice touch, and the use of samples is tasteful, without overdoing the gore-metal horror movie style that has become so blasse.

There are really five songs and an interlude here, and I can’t recommend Bestiale Battito Divino enough. It is easily Caligari Records’ best release stemming from 2016 onward and fans of aggressive music are advised to pay heed. No modern metal wankery. No digital production values that mainstream bands mistake for audio superiority, Cioran is the first band with a 2017 release that I recommend to shake the cobwebs loose for a cathartic moshpit excursion.  Not simply blast and stop, blast end-to-end, or blast to the tune of unimaginative riffage, Cioran knocks one out of the park for Caligari Records. Get your cassette copy while supplies last!


Track listing:
1. Sogno Organico 90
2. D’un Senso, Fortezza
3. Tuono

1. Silicio
2. Latrato
3. Petricor

Cioran are:
Lele – vocals
Giacomo – drums
Cesco – guitars/vocals
Riccardo – guitar

More Cioran:

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