Kreator – Gods of Violence

"While it may be true that some of these musicians are past their prime, Kreator is not one of them."

I often wonder what America would be like today if the Teutonic Big Four had broke first. I remember when Metallica hit it big, suddenly there were thrash bands everywhere! The majority of them sucked but eventually Anthrax, Megadeth, Metallica and Slayer found themselves atop the American heap. What if today’s technology was available then? Would things be different if the world playing field was level?

I remember when I first heard Kreator. It was the song “Lambs to the Slaughter” and I found myself immediately obsessed. More powerful than Slayer and as intricate as Megadeth. Kreator redefined brutality for me, at least until Deicide and Obituary came along. They are a band I’ve followed for years because the effort and quality have always been there.

Kreator has achieved a successful career, one that has lasted over thirty years and respected throughout metal. Their music is as powerful as it ever was, an enslaving menace you can’t get away from. Kreator’s soon to be released fourteenth studio album is the latest since 2012’s Phantom Antichrist. A five-year gap between releases can spell doom for any band but this is Kreator and I actually think Gods Of Violence is better.

Phantom Antichrist is a good album but some songs have a ‘mechanical feel’, places where the tempo overrides the emotion. Gods Of Violence doesn’t have this problem, each song is a standalone effort.  It’s hard not to appreciate the medieval or grandiose quality of this release. Effortlessly capturing the vibe of marching, battle and bloodshed! Highlight tracks for me are: “World War Now”, “Satan Is Real”, “Gods Of Violence”, “Hail To The Hordes” and “Side By Side”.

While I believe in supporting new groups and their efforts above all, the influx of pioneering artists reclaiming their roots is too hard to ignore. While it may be true that some of these musicians are past their prime, Kreator is not one of them. The standard has been set high with Gods Of Violence. Artists hoping to follow in their footsteps had better bring their ‘A’ game, check out this outstanding release!

Track listing:
1. Apocalypticon
2. World War Now
3. Satan Is Real
4. Totalitarian Terror
5. Gods Of Violence
6. Army Of Storms
7. Hail To The Hordes
8. Lion With Eagle Wings
9. Fallen Brother
10. Side By Side
11. Death Becomes My Light

Kreator are:
Mille Petrozza – vocals, guitars
Sami Yli-Sirniö – guitars
Christian Giesler – bass
Ventor – drums

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