UR – Hail Death

Experience black metal reimagined!

Hail Death is the debut EP of Poland’s UR. The group has only been active since 2015 but their overall style and musicianship suggests they’ve been playing together much longer.

Black Metal is a genre that has been reluctant to absorb other styles and I’m glad to hear artists unafraid to bring their imagination into it. A platform and style that offers limitless possibilities has finally begun to be explored.

The production quality of Hail Death is impressive. The record has a crunchy, static laden feel and is packed with desolate passages of cold creativity. The frenzied black metal cords and chaotic vocals interlaced with somber ‘clean verses’ makes the melodic interludes a welcome addition. The attack is occasionally simplistic but undeniably powerful. Highlight tracks for me are: “The Tongue of Fire”, “Let the Darkness Come” and “Only Bones Stay Here”.

The only fault I can find with this release is that it’s too short! Ingenuity is all about the rules and UR are proving rules are meant to be broken. Check out the Hail Death EP and experience black metal reimagined. \m/

Track List:
1. A Dying Star
2. The Tongue of Fire
3. Let the Darkness Come
4. Total Inertia
5. Only Bones Stay Here
6. Infinity

UR are:
Gregor – Guitars / Vocal
Bony – Bass
Kroll – Drums

More UR:
Arachnophobia Records

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