In the world of heavy metal, I really feel France have some of the most forward thinking and creatively unique bands out there and Toulouse’s own RIVIẼRE are no exception to this at all. With their Debut LP Heal set for release on 20th January, these enchanting prog metallers prove to be a listen jam-packed with so much potential and are a captivating group worth some of your time. With the release dropping through Basick Records, who have a keen ear for all things techy and proggy, there is no doubt that acts like RIVIẼRE will be a great contribution to an ever growing label and I regard Basick immensely for building such a superior repertoire of modern metal bands over the last 7 years.

RIVIẼRE offer not just a proggy side but also add just the perfect blend of post-hardcore and post rock which separates them from the continually growing “djent” bands that are dominating the Metal airways. Each track provides much technical ability, sublime chemistry and within the heavy moments a very subtle undertone of atmospheric delight. Although these guys are a very enjoyable listen, the only slight challenge I had was with the vocals, I felt they ever so slightly lacked the same heart and desire that the rest of the band impacted on the album. This is something I almost felt bad for writing however this is merely a small critical comment which can differ from person to person and should not deter you from giving this technically gifted band a great earful.

If you’re a fan of acts such as Cult of Luna, Deftones, Karnivool, The Ocean and fellow French metallers Klone, these bright-eyed individuals are just the right band for you and I can really pick out such influence or vibe within all the aforementioned. I have come across a fair few bands in the past who have released debut albums filled with promise of such an awe inspiring future ahead of them and I have a feeling that RIVIẼRE could meet that same expectation that previous bands have done for me in the past. Two singles have already been released on YouTube in preparation for Heal, please be sure to check them out!

Track listing:

  1. New Cancer
  2. Golden Wounds
  3. Symbol
  4. Satin Night
  5. Cobalt
  6. Binary Love
  7. Yosemite

Alexandre Berenguer – guitar
Arnaud Laffont – bass/vocals
Nicolas Saravia – guitar
Tommy Hercher – drums



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