Chronos – Pallid Reflection

Pallid Reflection is a strong debut from a band who have their sights set on the big time.

Bristol’s Chronos released their first LP, Pallid Reflection, last year. They put it up for free on Bandcamp, a move which has become common place for bands keen to get their music out there and quick. While Pallid Reflection is a good album, it is not without its shortcomings.

One of Pallid Reflection‘s greatest strengths is also one of its flaws in the sense that it is an album that does not know what it wants to be. While the mixture of NWOBHM, death metal and progressive metal shows a great deal of promise, it has a tendency to come across as very jumbled. Another issue is that some of the songs often outstay their welcome and are repetitive. Despite these minor slip ups, Pallid Reflection is a good album. It takes a few listens to fully digest but once swallowed it goes down a treat. Despite a few botch moments, James Rideout is a strong commanding vocalist whose presence on ‘Sea of Guilt’ is brilliant. His vocals on the Opeth-inspired ‘Emerald Soul’ also bring to mind the vocals of a certain Mr Mikael Åkerfeldt from the latest Opeth material. The opening guitar assault on ‘Awake’ provides some great Cannibal Corpse and Gojira inspired thrash riffage. There are some great standout moments in the ten tracks found on this album but ‘Awake’ is the one.

Pallid Reflection is a strong debut from a band who have their sights set on the big time; however, it is not without a few minor setbacks. This is, nonetheless, a great foundation for the band to build on.

Best Tracks: Sea of Guilt, Thuribles Veil Part 1, Awake.

Track List:
1. Blood River
2. Sea of Guilt
3. Thuribles Veil Part 1
4. Lobotimised
5. Shiver
6. Awake
7. Emerald Soul
8. Crossover
9. Shadow of the Sun
10. Thuribles Veil Part 2

James Rideout – Vocals, Guitars
Joshua Boniface – Guitars
Tom Chapman – Bass
Jack Camp – Drums

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