Live Report: Ufomammut, Grave Lines and Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard @ Camden Underworld, London (UK) – Friday 4th November 2016

"The band were so well in sync it was if they were one entity on stage. Every song from Ecate was delivered with the gusto and passion of seasoned musicians."

Another year, another missed Damnation Festival. But luckily I was able to catch Ufomammut saying farewell to Ecate before the process of the new album begun. I saw Ufomammut live at Islington Academy in 2015 and they blew me away, but I was looking forward to seeing them in a smaller more intimate surrounding.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard are one of the most talked about names from the new school of doom metal, their sound is twisted, psychedelic and powerful. Tonight the band were on amazing form and proved why they are being welcomed with open arms with the doom community. With an aura of mystery around the band on stage, they powered through a set that was simply a spectacle to watch. Jessica Ball’s vocals were on fine form as the astral music of the band dominated the Underworld. An absolute class set from an absolute band.

Some live footage of the band’s set can be seen here

Grave Lines were really cool. Like a ’70s rock band drugged up, Grave Lines absolutely smashed it. Premier stoner riffs oozed from the guitars with an undeniable groove with the bass and drugs providing a strong rhythm. They may have lacked the psychedelic appeal of the headliners but made up for it with the sure punch the music gave. Grave Lines are developing a strong following, watching them made me realise why.

Across Camden, thousands of metal heads were watching Amon Amarth but I did not regret missing that show for Ufomammut one bit. Playing Ecate for the last time, Ufomammut gave the modern classic the send off it deserved. Ufomammut with their visual show was a mind bending experience, stronger than their performance in Islington, they were on godly form. The band were so well in sync it was if they were one entity on stage. Every song from Ecate was delivered with the gusto and passion of seasoned musicians, but finale ‘Demons’ was the highlight of the night. An absolute belter of a song that rounded off an amazing evening. After that we were not done, the band returned with two more songs to finish us off and to send us home satisfied. Two months later I write this review with a smile on my face, I love this band and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Grave Lines

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