Blood Moon – Through the Scarlet Veil

It takes vision, a command of one's instruments, a dedication to inspiration of the proper medium. Blood Moon manifest it all, and I profess my allegiance with them.

Lithe ritual black metal will always come at a premium.  Thankfully it won’t come in the form of costs, as a download of Blood Moon‘s latest LP, Through the Scarlet Veil, is available for a fraction of the LP costs. Analog lovers will prefer the LP format and I would greatly support that endeavor. Clearly, ritual black metal with lots of ringing notes and tremolo-picked chord progressions moving almost exclusively up the fretboard comes as a rarity. Even when Blood Moon hits the blast sections, the music is gentle, meditative, beautiful and ritualesque. Lovers of this style of black metal can acquire the LP from Iron Bonehead Productions.

Lulling rather than drubbing, the wings of angels spread far and wide across the spectrum of smoky, polluted skies as the guitars bleed the melting cascade of beautiful notes on Through the Scarlet Veil.  The drums are precise and professionally-played, and the chanting clean vocals are absolutely Luciferan.  The wonderful world of black metal is as diverse these days as it’s ever been, and fans of ritual-style metal will appreciate the otherworldly sounds Blood Moon conjure for serious fans of good music. Never hysterical or blatantly derisive, Blood Moon summon spirirts to the table of plenty on Through the Scarlet Veil, sending Churches bells’ tolling in rebuttal to Luciferan worship of utter magnanimity.

Colossal, but not intense, adoration in the form of music, Blood Moon present intelligent metal fans as kindred spirits tired of second wave punk aggression. Take a break already and hear something worth the run-time for a contemplative foray into metaphysical Satanism. This is gimmick-free darkness worthy of an intent listen. You may not mosh to the sounds of Blood Moon, but that is not what the band intends to inspire.  Clearly, the band loves occultism, ritual worship, and the serious summoning of the kundalini resting in the base of man’s pelvic region, summoning it to climb the complex network of spiritual power points to allow for the metaphysical third eye to awaken. Serpentine art like this is not common, so listeners who decry Blood Moon’s sound must be shackled and thrown to the serpents to be devoured.

Black metal fans that have stayed asleep through the generations of absurd repetition in the form of second wave black metal hackery must read this as testimony from the ancients.  Blood Moon is minimalist but effective ritual wardance. They don’t use string sections or saxophones. They use chanting vocals, guitars, bass and drums to showcase a very organic ‘band’ sound that pleases fans of intelligent metal. For the sake of sounding mind-expansive, many bands experiment with atmospherics and various instrumentation, and Blood Moon proves that is needlessly the case. To write trve black metal is not without complications. It takes vision, a command of one’s instruments, a dedication to inspiration of the proper medium. Blood Moon manifest it all, and I profess my allegiance with them.

Blood Moon - Through the Scarlet Veil

Track Listing:
1. I.V. – Fires Of Manifestation
2. The Seven-Rayed Star
3. Sacred Flame – Awakening Of The Ancestors
4. G.N.O.S.I.S.
5. IAO – In the Coils Of The Serpent
6. ΣΕΘ – Chaos In Order
7. O Grandest
8. Psalm Of The Nameless – Thy Kingdom Come

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