Black Mirrors – Funky Queen

A great start to a band you do not want to miss.

Occasionally a new band comes around with the energy to shake up the entire musical establishment before dropping a high-octane release that leaves your ears craving for more. Belgium’s Black Mirrors are one such band: after being snapped up by Napalm Records, this young group are set to release their aptly named debut EP, Funky Queen, before hitting the road with the soon-to-be legendary Horisont. Clocking in at just over fourteen minutes, Funky Queen is four songs of pure classy rock’n’roll guaranteed to get the floor moving: it is a tour-de-force of youthful verve, swinging passion and a blast of frenetic exuberance from start to finish.

Fitting nicely between acts like Blues Pills, Black Moth and Janis Joplin, Black Mirrors carry so much weight behind their studio performance that is becoming rarer to find amongst others in their position. The individual components gel incredibly well together, whether that’s the charismatic and funky pipes of leading lady Marcella Di Troia, the suave yet rambunctious licks from Pierre Lateur’s handiwork or the throbbing rhythms laid down by bassist Gino Caponi; put it all together and you have an unstoppable force bursting at the seams. Split between two faster solar flares and two slow road trips through the Sierra sunset, Funky Queen is equally well crafted and well executed, showcasing just how well the music bounces of each of the band’s members; you cannot argue how in sync they all are!

The EP kicks off with the title track, an energetic spark of pure soulful garage rock with one hell of a catchy chorus; this is followed by the even more cacophonous cover of MC5’s ‘Kick Out the Jams’ which explodes with Di Troia’s exquisite vocal delivery. Bouncing off the walls, this is definitely one not for the faint of heart! The sultry crooning of ‘The Mess’ follows up, slowing things down nicely for the closer ‘Canard Vengeur Masqué’, which shows off just how excellent this band is at song craftsmanship: building up from quick jabbing riffs and hi-hats, the track builds perfectly to searing heights – you can hear the passion flood out from each of them towards the finish here.

At only fourteen minutes, by the end of the release you are gasping for more and it almost seems cruel! Funky Queen is a scorching sermon which sets your heart ablaze with burning fervour; it gives you hope for the up-and-coming bands that are beginning to swell all around you, and for rock music in general. It is clear Black Mirrors are destined for great things because, as far as debut EPs go, this is as solid as music gets. A great start to a band you do not want to miss.

BlackMirrors - Funky Queen

Track List:
1. Funky Queen
2. Kick Out the Jam
3. The Mess
4. Canard Vengeur Masqué

Black Mirrors are:
Marcella Di Troia – Vocals
Pierre Lateur – Guitar
Gino Caponi – Bass


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