Sauron – The Baltic Fog

Brace yourself for a resurrection of a most abominable nature.

Believe it or not black metal has been around for over twenty years. The ugly back story that cemented a genre will forever cloud the annals of metal’s history. Time has allowed for a revisitation and that’s exactly what Poland’s Sauron has done with a re-offering of their 1995 demo The Baltic Fog.

This is classic black metal filled with heavy distortion and growling vocals. The attack is more about feeling and emotion than production values. Lyrical offerings of wretched incantations and canticles of blood. This music is a primal tap, a walk down nostalgia’s lane when black metal’s message was little more than homeland pride and pure hatred.

Established way back in 1991, Sauron’s black metal attack features shorter tracks than the originators which is a good thing because the classic sound has a tendency of running together. The listener becomes desensitized. The onslaught seems monotonous.  If a primordial wickedness is what you desire then Sauron’s offering is for you. Highlight tracks for me are: “Hellish Requiem”, “The Baltic Fog”, “Grave” and “The Deepest Night of Arkona”

Sauron’s The Baltic Fog will be unleashed again soon. Brace yourself for a resurrection of a most abominable nature. The dark lord has returned with a remastered version, ready to conquer the world by splitting your fucking skull. \m/

Sauron the baltic fog

Track Listing:

1. In the Glare of the Black Candles
2. Klasztor
3. Hellish Requiem
4. The Baltic Fog
1. In the Shadow of Svantevit
2. Grave
3. Necromansy
4. The Deepest Night of Arkona

“The Baltic Fog” line-up:
P.W. – Vocals/Bass
Evil – Guitars
Rzeczy – Drums

Sauron band Baltic Fog

Sauron online:

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