Black Sites – In Monochrome

"A decent debut by a band of talented musicians, but one that is often let down by a lack of imagination and playing it safe."

Formed out of the ashes of underground heroes Trials, Chicago’s Black Sites have been making waves with their debut album In Monochrome. The four piece have been hard at work and have made a respectable album, but it is by no means a masterpiece.

After a piano intro on ‘M Fisto Waltz,’ the album kicks into gear with lead single ‘Dead Languages’ which showcases the guitar skills of Mr Mark Sugar. The guitar riffs are catchy and enjoyable, if not a little simple. Sugar as a vocalist is a very prominent presence on the album, even though he does appear to not always hit the mark with his vocals. He is a capable singer as shown by his performance on part acoustic song ‘The Tides.’

The rest of the band do a commendable job with the music; confident and bold, if not familiar. As entertaining is the album, it isn’t as striking as it could have been. Despite a few stand out and exceptional tracks, there isn’t much else here to see. The album isn’t all doom and gloom though and there are moments where the album was a pleasant experience; but aside from a few great pieces of music on the album, it isn’t going to revolutionise music.

A decent debut by a band of talented musicians, but one that is often let down by a lack of imagination and playing it safe. For a future album, the band need to push the boundaries of their sound and experiment or risk being forgotten about.

Best Tracks: Dead Languages, Hunter Gatherer and In The Woods.

Track List:
1. M Fisto Waltz
2. Dead Languages
3. Monochrome
4. Burning Away The Day
5. Hunter Gatherer
6. Watching You Fall
7. Locked Out (Shut Down)
08. In The Woods
9. The Tides
10. Steamrock Fever (Scorpions Cover)

Black Sites are:
Mark Sugar – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Avgerin – Drums
John Picillo – Bass
Ryan Bruchert – Live Guitar

More Black Sites:

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