ESCAPE IS NOT FREEDOM’s Mike Reminisces Nirvana’s Bleach

Like most 13 year olds, I was naive in my musical tastes. At the time, Queensrÿche and Def Leppard were in heavy rotation on my cassette player (remember those?). Bands like that left a void in my yearning for something that really grabbed my inner soul, threw it on the cement, and started stomping the hell out of it. Enter Bleach by Nirvana.

I was sitting in a car at my high school’s parking lot with an older friend of mine, doing what high school kids do on their break from the monotonous high school BS. My buddy turned and said, “hey man, check out this band called Nirvana“. I just thought it would be another band that had nothing to offer.  The first song I heard was “Paper Cuts” and I could feel goosebumps inside my inner core, and for the first time in my early teens I smiled uncontrollably. I had to hear more from this band, I had to pick up a guitar and make those heavenly sounds and that voice…

A month later, the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video debuted and the rest is history.

Nirvana bleach

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