Immolation – Atonement

The songs follow the Immolation formula, excessively brutal, yet technically impressive.

Whenever fans speak about various metal genres and their musical expectations, I’m always impressed with the seriously optimistic tone used by those who follow death metal.

The standards of a death metal fan are in some ways higher than that of the average metal fan. This is a place where style and quality are the standard. A gory endurance is always held in high admiration.

Immolation has been an active moniker since 1988 but hasn’t released any new material since 2013’s Kingdom of Conspiracy. I’ll admit I was skeptical. When great bands take time off, the effect can hurt as much as it can help. On one hand, it can allow you to recharge the batteries, take a new approach or fully explore ideas but it can also hinder progression, halt momentum and invite stagnation. Fortunately, Immolation used this four-year hiatus to their advantage reminding us what a death metal juggernaut they really are.

Atonement puts Immolation’s sound on full display. Their style is undeniably original and easily identifiable. This is more than a pig squeal or a down tuned guitar, this is taking a hit of acid and walking into a liquor store with a flame thrower. There is a sinister appeal to listening to this music that cannot be denied. Highlight tracks for me are: “The Distorting Light”, “When the Jackals Come”, “Rise the Heretics”, “Atonement” and “Immolation” – a re-recording of the Dawn of Possession classic!

Immolation have stuck to their roots with Atonement. The songs follow the Immolation formula, excessively brutal, yet technically impressive. Check out this latest release and get ready to make your own death metal penance! \m/

Immolation - Atonement - Artwork

Track List:
01. The Distorting Light
02. When The Jackals Come
03. Fostering The Divide
04. Rise The Heretics
05. Thrown To The Fire
06. Destructive Currents
07. Lower
08. Atonement
09. Above All
10. The Power Of Gods
11. Epiphany

Immolation are:
Ross Dolan – bass/vocals
Robert Vigna – guitar
Steve Shalaty – Drums
Alex Bouks – guitar

More Immolation:
Official Website

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