5 Reasons to Attend Metalmania in April 2017 in Poland

Late last year Metal Mind Productions announced the return of the legendary Central European festival, Metalmania. After a nine year hiatus the event returns to its original venue, Spodek, in Katowice, Poland. As previously reported the line-up is mouthwatering with a showcase of the crème de la crème of Poland’s metal scene along with some big international bands.

If you are still not convinced whether you want to attend the event, check out our five reasons to attend Poland’s metal event of the year!

Metalmania 2017 full line-up poster

1. The History. 

The first edition of the festival took place in 1986. This was the only (and possibly the biggest) metal event of this size and magnitude in Central and Eastern Europe at the time. For a metalhead during the 80s going to Metalmania was like going to Wacken or Hellfest nowadays. It was the mecca of metal for the region.

The line-up of the first edition included Turbo, KAT and a very young Vader performing one of their first major gigs.

Metalmania 1986

2. The line-up & the second stage.

This is quite self-explanatory. Just looking at the poster it is easy to say that any metal fan into the more extreme side of the genre will find something to bang their head to. I am especially interested in the second stage as it features some of the most interesting acts which have spawned in Poland over the last 10-15 years. Mord’A’Stigmata, Entropia, In Twilight’s Embrace, Thaw, Obscure Sphinx, Mentor, Stillborn and Infernal War will definitely keep me busy at the second stage. It goes without saying that Furia and Vader are a must to see over at the main stage as well.

3. Katowice. 

If you are thinking of going to Metalmania it is worth giving yourself a day or two to visit the city it is taking place in: Katowice. The city is booming with culture; it has been recently named UNESCO City of Music. Some of the most influential musicians in Poland come from Katowice and its surrounding areas so it is definitely a place worth exploring. And if you want to explore more of Poland while you are in the south, Kraków is only an hour’s drive away.

4. Spodek. 

The venue Metalmania is taking place in, Spodek, is a historic building in Poland. It was opened in 1971 during the dark communist years of the PRL (Polish People’s Republic) and is a multipurpose complex hosting concerts, festivals and sports events as well as having its own gym, ice rink and a hotel. It is called “spodek” because it looks like a flying saucer from the outside. The venue’s capacity is 11,000.

spodek katowice metalmania

5. Merch. A lot of it. 

Pagan Records, Arachnophobia Records and Metal Mind Productions will have stalls with their back catalogues available for purchase. Always better than ordering online and paying ridiculous amounts to have your vinyl delivered home.

For more information about Metalmania, head over to the official website, Facebook page and event page.

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