Bristol Deathfest 2017 Preview: 15-16th April 2017, The Bierkeller, Bristol

During the Easter Bank Holiday on 15th and 16th April a two-day celebration of death metal takes place in Bristol with some of the biggest names in the genre. If you’re still contemplating about attending here’s a little teaser of what you could expect in Bristol. Both days have a very strong line-up.

Vader released their latest album The Empire last year but before they are off to a US tour these Polish lords of thrash will headline the first day of Bristol Deathfest. Immolation is a great band live, captivating and brutal. I was fortunate enough to see them a fair few times and Immolation always delivers.

Nader Sadek will be performing exclusively in the UK for the first time ever at Bristol Deathfest. This time the unique performance will involve Derek Roddy from Hate Eternal and Nile, Destructhor from Morbid Angel and Zyklon, George Maier from Pestilence, Sarah Jezebel Deva from Cradle of Filth and Therion and Mahmud Gecekusu from Perversion. Kraanium will definitely melt our faces with their brutal tones. Man Must Die hails from Scotland and they are a mixture of technical death metal, grindcore and some melodic death metal. Necrosis and Body Harvest are promising up and coming death metal bands from Bristol. Scordatura is a five-piece death metal band from Glasgow. These three band will open for Saturday and surely get everyone into the mood for death metal.

As far as Sunday concerned Hour of Penance will be headlining and we couldn’t be happier about it. Hour of Penance will definitely cause a sonic annihiliation. Defeated Sanity will be performing Disposal of the Dead in its entirety. Both band will be performing exclusively in the UK at Bristol Deathfest. The critically highly acclaimed death metal trio Dyscarnate will also make an appearance. I personally can’t wait to see them live again. Their two full leght albums, So It Came To Pass and Endure The Massacre were absolute success and their tracks are always executed live with utter precision. A must-see band on Sunday.

Piq squeling slam death metal. That’s Epicardiectomy in a nutshell. If you are into this kind of sub-genre of death metal you’re place is here. Ancient Ascendants combine death, thrash and black metal elementsthey’ve been around for a while, supporting Hypocrisy, Winterfylleth and Bloodbath, just to name a few. Their third full-lenght Raise the Torch is out on 21st April. Abrupt Demise simply describes themselves as death metal. Well, you don’t really need to know more, do you? Ascaris, a blackened death metal band from the South West Uk, will surely start off on the right riff.

Good music and good atmosphere are guaranteed by some of the biggest and lesser known names in death metal. Bristol Deathfest is less than 4 weeks away. Still time to grab a ticket and make your way to Bristol for two days of absolute mayhem.

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