Stiff Little Fingers, Theatre of Hate @ Sub89, Reading (UK) – 29th March 2017

It felt like part of a generation coming back together and having an amazing time together one more time.

Stiff Little Fingers. When you see that name, you know that this is not just an average band. They are a band which captures the generation during the Troubles and beyond, a generation when punk actually meant something. It was something people truly believed in and through it hoped for a better future. In a way, I feel this is something our generation should learn from, especially when taking into account the current political situation on both sides of the Atlantic… Coincidentally, on the same day Article 50 was triggered by the UK and the start of the Brexit process. You couldn’t find a better gig to go to on this day.

Stiff Little Fingers tour 2017

The gig was sold out and the 600 capacity venue was packed. Everyone was there for both bands. Theatre of Hate, a post-punk act from the 80s delivered their saxophone-induced new wave music with high quality. They weren’t just a warm-up band, they didn’t need to convince anyone, everyone was singing along to their tunes from the first note.

The predominantly middle aged crowd really went crazy for Stiff Little Fingers though. It’s as if all these men and women went back into time, to their teenage punk years. This is when you know that a band really represents a generation. A band which touched the hearts of people, and made them feel something, made them belong somewhere.

The set list included classics, newer tracks from the latest album but also tracks which SLF don’t play that often. With their quality performance, along with front man Jake Burns’ storytelling powers, the crowd and band become one on 29 March in Reading. This is something more than just fan loyalty. It felt like a part of a generation coming back together and having an amazing time together one more time.

Stiff Little Fingers are now touring through mainland Europe. For more SLF head over to their Facebook page.

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