Deference – False Awakening

Sinister and dark whilst retaining edges of catchiness and uplifting quality.

The South Coast of the UK has boasted a plethora of talented bands over the years, from metalcore heroes Bury Tomorrow and Our Hollow, Our Home to death metal mavericks Bloodshot Dawn and a surplus of other genres encompassed in between. It’s hard to keep up with all the talent that is spewing out of the coastal towns of the South, but we should definitely take note of Southampton’s Deference, and their new EP False Awakening.

Bearing resemblance to contemporary progressive/technical metal like Northlane with a vigour reminiscent of the likes of Architects and Stray From The Path, Deference have a sound that is both atmospheric and crushingly heavy in alternating places. Demonstrating a forward-thinking approach to metalcore, they keep things interesting and unleash furious breakdowns whilst showing great valour in the melodic terrain, with plenty of hooks and passages to keep the ambience in full swing.

False Awakening revolves around the concept of a man-made apocalyptic world, exploring themes of exploitation, loss, self destruction and manipulation. Judging by the characteristics of the EP; ear-crushing drum work, clever bass lines, intricate dual guitar work both in terms of lead-rhythm co-operation and fast, rhythmic beatdowns and a passionate and hard-hitting vocal performance, this is not a positive EP in terms of lyrical content. Deference spit anger, venom and emphatic messages that set them apart from your average Joe metalcore band, which is important and it is also a good thing that False Awakening has plenty of moments to remember.

Heavy sections aplenty and plenty of staccato-laden riffs and sweeps, False Awakening is sinister and dark whilst retaining edges of catchiness and uplifting quality. It is a short release that ends before it has really begun, so definitely requires more listens to really soak in as a whole in order to be fully appreciated. However, in that short space of time, Deference encompass the right quantities of heavy and melodic metalcore, and it is enough for someone to immerse themselves in fully if they appreciate this kind of music.

Be sure to check the band out at their release show at the Southampton Joiners on 14th April.

Track listing:
1. Scavengers
2. Insomnia
3. Departure
4. False Awakening
5. Become Death (Part II)

Deference are:
Rob Lea – vocals
Matt Dennison – vocals/guitar
Jonathan Prince – guitar
Shaun Kirtland – bass
Mike Hill – drums

More Deference:

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