5 Bands to Look Out For at Metalmania Festival

Poland’s Metalmania Festival is approaching fast! Next week, on Saturday 22 April 2017, the volume in Katowice’s Spodek will be taken up to 11. A couple weeks ago we shared with you five pretty damn good reasons to attend the festival. Today we will have a look at five bands you should not miss at the fest.

Metalmania 2017 full line-up poster

In the previous Metalmania preview article, I wrote that it is the second stage which I am looking forward to most (with the addition of Furia and Vader on the main stage). You shouldn’t be surprised then that all of the bands listed below are from the second stage. They are indeed some of the most fascinating acts to come out of Poland in recent years .


Featuring members of Thaw, Furia and J.D. Overdrive, these groovy rockstars will be opening the party at 11:00am at Spodek. Considering the style of their debut full-length which came out last year, I am sure they will get the party started in the right fashion. Everybody will be headbanging and moshing to these guys, no matter what time of day it will be.

Opening the second stage at 11:00am.


Psychedelia. Black Metal. Prog. That’s not a Head & Shoulders advert, it’s one of the most promising new acts to come out of Poland: Entropia. Their debut album intrigued many, but it was their sophomore full-length, Ufonaut, which blew everyone away. Get ready, the psych-black metal shamans in Entropia are coming.

Closing the second stage at 00:35am.


Their poetic lyrics (in Polish) are so ambiguous not everyone grasps their meaning, but their music…call it avant-garde, experimental, post-black metal. Whatever it is one would like to call it, there is definitely something unique in their style. Considering that their music is inspired by their homeland of Silesia and that Metalmania is taking place in Katowice, which is in Silesia, there is no better place to see Furia.

Closing the main stage at 1:15am.


They shook the black metal underground with Ansia in 2013. Hope, released in February this year, blew the world away. Probably the most personal album they released yet, Mord’A’Stigmata are a must to see at Metalmania.

Performing at 3:20pm.


You won’t get more aggressive metal than this. With WWII themes in their lyrics and imagery, there will be no mercy shown. Axiom released in 2015 was received with plenty of praise in the metal community.

Performing at 4:30pm.

Honourable mentions…

The title says 5 bands… but I have to add 5 more.


Performing at 2:10pm.


Performing at 5:50pm.


Performing at 7:20pm.


Performing at 12:00pm.


Performing at 5:00pm on the main stage.

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