5 Bands to Look Forward to at WACKEN OPEN AIR 2017

Following yesterday’s Accept news and the already mouth-watering line-up, it is a no-brainer that Wacken Open Air is going to be a blast this summer. It always is. If you still don’t have tickets, make sure to grab yours via the official website.

Every year, Wacken have some amazing bands. Some tend to appear every other year, others not so frequently. Below are five bands, the MetalRecusants crew will definitely not be missing.


This Polish act shook the metal underground with its Russian Orthodox chant-infused black metal. Their debut album, Litourgiya, released in 2015 through Witching Hour Productions is their only so far, but due to the overwhelming demand it has been re-pressed for a variety of editions. The identities of the band members are unknown, but I suspect they must be from some well-known Polish acts. Expect a liturgical ritual at Wacken this year!


They started performing live again in 2007. They haven’t released an album since 1997’s Heal. Their last performance at Wacken took place in 2012 and it was as if they have never been away. I don’t know about you but I will be definitely surfing Nicaragua with these guys.


When Wacken 2014 was coming to a close I had a choice between two bands to end my festival: Kryptos – a thrash act from India which I haven’t heard of before, or Meshuggah. Unsurprisingly, most went to see Meshuggah. I am glad I didn’t. Kryptos have the energy no other young act out there has. That’s not all though, high energy does not mean their songwriting is slacking. On the contrary, they have the catchiness which 80s heavy metal fans dream of creating!


These thrash legends don’t need an introduction. The Kreator returned early this year with a crackin’ album, Gods of Violence. What stood out to many was their anthem against homophobia with the track “Side By Side”. The German act from Essen are in top form as always. It will be a pleasure to see them perform at their home festival once again.


They only have one song you say? You only say that because you have not witnessed them live. Europe will raise the volume up to 11 with tracks such as “Rock the Night”, “Cherokee”, “Danger on the Track” and, of course, “The Final Countdown”. Maybe we will also hear some tracks from their latest album, War of Kings.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned on and our social pages for a preview of the bands you should not miss at Wacken Open Air!

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