DEMON’s Dave Hill: “We Shall Continue to Play and Make New Music as Long as We Can.”

"The difference between Unbroken and Cemetery Junction is Unbroken is straight forward commercial rock album, and Cemetery Junction is more of a musical album."

The NWOBHM revival is growing strong with old bands reforming, new bands emerging and other bands gaining new followers with their popularity on the rise. One such band is the UK’s Demon, fronted by Dave Hill who I had the pleasure of chatting with last month about the band’s new album Cemetery Junction, festivals, their popularity in Germany and what’s up on the horizon for the six piece.

Jack: Hey Dave, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. How are you?

Dave Hill (Vocals): Hi Jack, good to hear from you. It’s a pleasure to answer your questions.

Jack: You released a new album last year, the incredibly fun Cemetery Junction, which was your first since 2012. Why was now the perfect time to come back?

Dave: We felt it was time do a new album as Demon had been off the record scene long enough.

Jack: Since the reformation you’ve taken more time in between albums, has there been a particular reason for this?

Dave: No reason why it took us four years, maybe we are slowing down as we get older. [Laughs]

Jack: Cemetery Junction was released in October. Are you happy with the response?

Dave: Probably the best response we have had to any album we’ve ever put out, amazing.

Jack: Did you approach the recording process differently to Unbroken?

Dave: We used the same recording process we had always done, writing, rehearsal, recording, mixing, mixing, mixing.

Jack: How would you say Cemetery Junction is different to Unbroken?

Dave: The difference between Unbroken and Cemetery Junction is Unbroken is straight forward commercial rock album, and Cemetery Junction is more of a musical album.

Jack: Does being a six piece make the process harder with the extra player?

Dave: Being a six piece makes it easier to record and play live.

Jack: The album was released by Spaced Out Music, are they your own label?

Dave: Spaced Out Music is our own label.

Jack: How did your album launch party go?

Dave: The launch party went great, lots of people, great response to the album and a good time was had by all.

Jack: You also played Live Evil, how did Live Evil go?

Dave: Live Evil went great, best London date in 20 years.

Jack: Do you prefer festivals to gigs?

Dave: Festivals and clubs love them both.

Jack: Are there too many festivals at the moment?

Dave: Festivals, the more the merrier.

Jack: Demon are very popular in Germany, why do you think Germany has taken a shine to Demon?

Dave: Germany, Demon music comes from the heart, honest and true, and the Germans seem to like that and understand us.

Jack: What are your upcoming plans, any new music or shows on the horizon?

Dave: We shall continue to play and make new music as long as we can.

Jack: Finally, The Unexpected Guest came out 35 years ago, looking back how do you view the album?

Dave: The Unexpected Guest, most people view the album as a classic, I can’t argue with that.

Jack: Would you ever consider playing an album in full live in the future?

Dave: If that’s what the people and fans want. YES.

Jack: Thank you for your time and I hope to see you on the road.

Dave Hill: Many thanks for your time Jack hope we meet up in the near future, keep on rocking!

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