Brutus – Burst

"If this is just the debut then I am excited to hear what comes next. An outstanding first album"

Brutus are a band for me that came out of nowhere and left a huge impact. They’re a band who deserve a huge break and I believe it will come with this album. Brutus began life in their native Belgium playing a hardcore homage to Refused, recreating the Swedish legends’ pivotal album The Shape Of Punk To Come in its entirety at tribute shows. But now they are a different beast with their debut album Burst, one that will take their career up a notch.

The three piece from Leuven have created a strong, positive debut album that’s perfect for dancing alone in your kitchen to. The album itself is a journey through Brutus’ influences, making stops at black metal, post-rock, math rock and hardcore among other musical genres. Stephanie’s commanding vocals may be singing over some black metal riffage in one song, while on the next she is singing over an energetic alternative rock riff. Brutus definitely have a sound similar to that of their countrymen Oathbreaker, but not as heavy with less screaming.

Burst is also a journey of emotion, it’s an album that at one minute is incredibly fun and joyous, and the next minute dark and broody. ‘Drive’ had me dancing alone while the Deftones influenced ‘Bird’ left me emotionally shaken. The players in this band are some of the finest young musicians you’ll hear, Burst is an absolute joy to listen to and an album that is not quick to forget. An album that you take something new from each time you listen to it. I couldn’t believe this was the debut album, if this is just the debut then I am excited to hear what comes next. An oustanding first album.

Burst is a special, multi layered, complex masterpiece that will hopefully see Brutus burst out of Belgium into the hearts of millions.

Favourite Tracks: Not Caring, Drive, Bird, Baby Seal

1. March
2. All Along
3. Not Caring
4. Justice De Julia II
5. Drive
6. Bird
7. Crack / Waste
8. Looking for Love on Devils Mountain
9. Horde II
10. Baby Seal
11. Child

Brutus are:
Stefanie Mannaerts – Drums/Vocals
Stijn Vanhoegaerden – Guitar
Peter Mulders – Bass

More Brutus:

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