Ghost Bath – Starmourner

"It may not have the raw, bleak power of Moonlover, but Starmourner is a different beast that has it's own power and majesty. "

2015 was the year that launched Ghost Bath’s career from unknowns to underground heroes, but it was their signing to Nuclear Blast in 2016 that propelled them into the mainstream and granted them appearances at major festivals including Bloodstock Open Air‘s main stage. With success for the band growing, 2017 was the perfect time to release the second of the trilogy, Starmourner.

Starmourner is a very different album to Moonlover. Starmourner explores joy, the cosmos, and paradise in direct opposition to the themes of its predecessor. It would have been easy to have made Moonlover 2.0 but full credit must go to Ghost Bath for doing something completely different and evolving their sound; yet keeping the spirit and identity they have carved themselves. It’s a surprisingly upbeat album at times, full of hope that has been eliminated by the light of the stars. It’s still a challenging album to listen to it, Nameless‘ vocals will still divide those on the fence while some fans will not like the lighter direction. Also the three minute ambient breaks in the album while are beautiful to listen and add to the astral flavor, do kill the momentum. But Ghost Bath are a band who are unaffected by trends who strive for originality and creativity and Starmourner has that in spades. In creating an engaging follow up, Ghost Bath have created an album that will drive conversation for months to come.

It may not have the raw, bleak power of Moonlover, but Starmourner is a different beast that has it’s own power and majesty. Considering it is twice the songs Moonlover had it will take more time to digest. But once fully swallowed it’s another fine album to a growing discography that hammers home that this band are special and ones to watch.

Best Tracks: Seraphic, Thrones, Elysian, Cherubim

Track Listing:
1. Astral
2. Seraphic
3. Ambrosial
4. Ethereal
5. Celestial
6. Angelic
7. Luminescence
8. Thrones
9. Elysian
10. Cherubim
11. Principalities
12. Ode 4:28

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