The Doomsday Kingdom – The Doomsday Kingdom

This new group gives Leif a fresh start in the studio without the expected scrutiny that comes with a juggernaut of a band.

If you’re into doom metal, the name Leif Edling may be familiar. He’s the mastermind behind a number of doom bands over the last thirty odd years, most notably Candlemass. Anything he touches is at least silver, if not gold. His latest project is The Doomsday Kingdom, which features a straightforward approach to the genre. The band unleashed a demo EP last year, which was a strong debut. Needless to say, I was excited for what one of the godfathers of doom metal had in store.

At it’s core, the Kingdom’s sound is very much in line with Candlemass: chock full of apocalyptic, Black Sabbath-inspired riffs with catchy melodies to boot. Leif Edling is the sole songwriter on both bands, so this just makes sense. There is at times a Dio influence in the warm, yet catchy vocal melodies. Though singer Niklas Stålvind has a harder edge, a rawer voice as opposed to the operatic frontmen of Candlemass. While not one of my top singers, he still fits the instrumentation well.

My favorite track is “A Spoonful of Darkness”. It has a driving dark energy that is uplifting, yet oxymoronically still doom. It also features lyrics framing darkness metaphorically with being ill, an interesting take on the usually cliche topic. “The Never Machine” is essentially ’80s Candlemass, a solid track to nod your head to. “See You Tomorrow” is the obligatory soft number. I always seem to enjoy these tracks on any heavy album I come across, as they are a great way to break up the weightiness. “The Sceptre” is another stand-out track. It contains chaotic moments, as well as a crawling, crushing side.

At the end of the doomsday, this is a well done album, if a bit bloated. At 52 minutes, it could have done without a couple tracks. Honestly, if the current singer of Candlemass, Mats Leven (or any of their other previous singers) were on this album and it was under the Candlemass name, and it would have worked just as fine. Though there is a certain pressure to make a new Candlemass album. This new group gives Leif a fresh start in the studio without the expected scrutiny that comes with a juggernaut of a band.

Track Listing:
1. Silent Kingdom
2. Never Machine
3. A Spoonful of Darkness
4. See You Tomorrow
5. The Sceptre
6. Hand of Hell
7. The Silence
8. The God Particle

The Doomsday Kingdom is:
Niklas Stålvind – Vocals
Marcus Jidell – Guitar
Leif Edling – Bass, Songwriting
Andreas Johansson – Drums

More Doomsday Kingdom:

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