Beastmaker – Inside the Skull

At the end of the day, Beastmaker crafted an enjoyable album.

Californian power trio Beastmaker have done a lot in a short period. In only three years, they’ve already put out an EP and two full-length albums, all while gaining a decently-sized following. They very snugly fit in with the new crop of stoner/doom metal bands that has exploded in the last decade or so. After skipping out on their debut record, I decided to take a crack at this new one, the aptly titled Inside the Skull.

The Black Sabbath and Pentagram influence is strong here. Though not copycats by any means, the mean riffs and melodic tunes reek of old-school doom. Lead singer/guitarist Trevor William Church even echoes a bit of Bobby Liebling. The vintage film samples peppered throughout the LP help build atmosphere. Though the band definitely gives old-school horror movie vibes outside of the samples. Some highlights include “Nature of the Damned,” which has a catchy main riff and a cool music video to boot; a stand-out track for sure. The vocal harmonies on “Now Howls the Beast” sound very unique and are a gut punch in an awesome number. The title track is a creepy one, feeling like a wall closing in on you. It even has a riff that sounds a lot like Candlemass.

At the end of the day, Beastmaker crafted an enjoyable album. At five or less minutes each, none of the songs overstay their welcome. The songwriting is solid and even catchy at times, though I wouldn’t say this is a must listen. They stick pretty close to genre conventions, which isn’t a bad thing by any means, but feels a tad formulaic. There’s nothing that brings it over the top, but I’ll be spinning this occasionally in the future for sure. That said, I am excited to see them live this week.

Track List:
1. Evil One
2. Heaven to Hell
3. Now Howls the Beast
4. Of God’s Creative
5. Give Me a Sign
6. Nature of the Damned
7. Psychic Visions
8. Inside the Skull
9. Night Bird
10. Sick Sick Demon

Beastmaker are:
Trevor William Church – Guitar/Vocals
John Tucker – Bass
Andres Alejandro Saldate – Drums

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