Crystal Fairy – Crystal Fairy

An absolute triumph.

Last year a roaring new rock band featuring Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (The Mars Volta, At the Drive In), Buzz Osbourne, (The Melvins, Fantomas) and Dale Crover (The Melvins, Altamont) joined forces to make an album under the name Crystal Fairy. In February the group’s self-titled album came out to rave reviews and it is still on regular rotation in the Fryer household.

Crystal Fairy, however, is not The Melvins fronted by Teri. There are elements of all the members’ respective histories on the record. This is an entirely different beast all together and it rocks hard, very hard. From opener ‘Chiesler’ to finale ‘Vampire X-Mas’ the album does not stop being interesting, whether the songs are fast and riff-driven, or slow and sludgy. The band’s skills all complement each other, Buzz’s guitar works well in tandem with Omar’s bass skills which amplify Teri’s vocals; while for Dale it’s business as usual being one of the scene’s best drummers. The band’s chemistry shines as well; Buzz and Teri’s partnership is clearly on fire, especially during their dual vocal attack on a cover of Tales of Terror’s ‘Possession’. Each member really gets their chance to shine.

Crystal Fairy’s debut album is an absolute triumph and should not be written off as another Melvins side project, it is an album that contains eleven songs that showcase the group’s strengths and chemistry.

Best Tracks: Chiesler, Drugs on the Bus, Crystal Fairy

Track Listing:
1. Chiseler
2. Drugs on the Bus
3. Necklace of Divorce
4. Moth Tongue
5. Crystal Fairy
6. Secret Agent Rat
7. Under Trouble
8. Bent Teeth
9. Posesión
10. Sweet Self
11. Vampire X-Mass

Crystal Fairy are:
Teri Gender Bender – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Bass
Buzz Osbourne – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Dale Crover – Drums

More Crystal Fairy:

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