Loathfinder – The Great Tired Ones

Heavy, doom-laden riffs.

The Great Tired Ones is a blackened doom metal album by Polish band Loathfinder which was released in April 2017 through Godz ov War Productions.

The first song off the four-track list, called ‘Genetic Gloom’, features heavy, doom-laden riffs combined with a perfectly groovy-sounding melody with brief moments that I would say are reminiscent of a post-metal sound, and complimented nicely by a mix of growled and the occasional shrieked vocals. The second track, ‘Feast On My Entrails’, continues with this groovy blackened doom sound present on the previous track. Track three, ‘Scents Of Regression’, includes one of the most ominous melodies I’ve heard, while retaining that unique sound described earlier.

The fourth track, ‘The Great Tired Ones’ – the album’s title track – ties this macabre journey off with its nine-and-a-half-minute run time, complete with changing melodies and moments of nefarious chanting which top of the morbid atmosphere present through out the album.

This was a great album which I would highly recommend for fans of doom, black, or sludge metal, or anywhere in between.

loathfinder - the great tired ones

Track List:
1. Genetic Gloom
2. Feast on My Entrails
3. Scents of Regression
4. The Great Tired Ones

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