Christ Agony @ The Lounge, London (UK) – 18 May 2017

Christ Agony create a unique atmosphere not many other acts have the ability to.

I never had the opportunity to see Christ Agony live in action before. I jumped on this straightaway when I realised that the veterans are performing in London.

Christ Agony tour Europe 2017

Cezar and his band took part in building the Polish metal scene during the early 90s and became an influence for many other acts. They have a strong discography, with their latest being Legacy (2016, Witching Hour Productions). Unfortunately, they did not manage to export their music globally as some of their other compatriots.

That does not matter though when they enter the stage. It is audible and visible straightaway that these are seasoned musicians. They know their craft and they execute it with high precision. The way they perform their music, they create a unique atmosphere not many other acts have the ability to. Definitely worth checking them out if they come to a town near you!

On a side note, it is a bit of a shame that the band did not start until after 10pm. It was a weekday and some had to catch the last train back home. Oh well!

Before Christ Agony:

Sturmtiger brought a no-compromise extreme metal show. There was nothing by them that wasn’t extreme. From their masked faces to their blast beats and shredding riffs there was nothing stopping them.

Hecate Enthroned is a band which I knew of but never really paid too much attention to. They are considered to be one of the main UK black metal bands of the 90s, along with Cradle of Filth. The connection between the two bands is not only in their history, but also in their band members. The backing vocalist, Sarah Jezebel Deva, performing that night, appeared on plenty of Cradle of Filth albums. They are a different band. Hecate don’t have the gimmicks of their UK  “contenders” in appearance or effects, but they rather ‘let the music do the talking’. Indeed, there was that 90s feel to their music, bringing with it an atmosphere good black metals bands produce. As good as their show was, there was something missing for me; perhaps it’s that I don’t have the nostalgic connection as most present in the audience (I assume) had, or maybe because I have not listened to them before. Either way, time to brush up on my metal history and listen to Hecate Enthroned!

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