Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him

Michael reviews the latest Vallenfyre albums, out 2 June 2017 on Century Media Records

Fear Those Who Fear Him is the latest album by the blackened doom-death metal band Vallenfyre.

The album begins with the intro track ‘Born To Decay’ which opens with an unsettling soundscape and ominous chanting, which conjure up images of some subterranean ritual chamber. This is then joined by the gradually loudening guitar tones, which change into a heavy, nefarious riff after a clash of cymbals. The track is followed by ‘Messiah’ starting fast and not pulling any punches or slowing down at all. This is followed by the track ‘Degeneration’. It has a very groovy-sounding, aggressive sound to it. Next on the album’s track list is ‘An Apathetic Grave’ which retains an ominous, doom-like, and slow sound throughout, without losing any aggression.

‘Nihilist’ comes next. It begins with wailing guitars which are shortly followed by steady, very fast drums – somewhat reminiscent of the technical death style at times.

‘Nihilist’ is followed by the track ‘Amongst The Filth’ which is probably one of the most “groovy-sounding” death metal songs I’ve ever heard, but I digress. It includes solid guitar riffs and vocals, but I’d have to say that on this track the drumming stands out to me particularly. The next track on the album is ‘Kill All Your Master’ which destroys the listener with its violent riffs and aggressive drumming, and does not slow down or soften for its entire two-minute runtime.

‘The Merciless Tide’ begins with firm, driving guitar riffs which slow down to regain the doom-laden sound present on ‘An Apathetic Grave’; I’d consider this song to be a perfect example of doom-death metal. Regardless of the very short length of the track ‘Dead World Breathes’ (thirty-nine seconds), Vallenfyre return to the very fast, abusive sound of ‘Kill All Your Master’ which catches the listener off-guard from the previous track. ‘Soldier Of Christ’ includes the quick, abrasive, and classic sound listeners expect from modern death metal, along with lyrics which are sure to please black metal fans.

‘Cursed From The Womb’ opens with an abrasive, forlorn-sounding riff which holds throughout the majority of this crushing, blackened doom-laden track. The final track, ‘Temple Of Rats’, utilises its skull-crushing speed to close off the album with a bang.

Overall, I’d say that this album is sure to please fans of the black, death, and doom metal genres.

Vallenfyre - Fear Those Who Fear Him

Track List:
1. Born To Decay
2. Messiah
3. Degeneration
4. An Apathetic Grave
5. Nihilist
6. Amongst The Filth
7. Kill All Your Master
8. The Merciless Tide
9. Dead World Breathes
10. Soldier Of Christ
11. Cursed From The Womb
12. Temple Of Rats

Vallenfyre are:
Gregor Mackintosh – Vocals, guitar
Hamish Glencross – Guitar
Waltteri Väyrynen – Drums

Vallenfyre band 2017


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