Don’t miss: Bongripper’s first London show since 2013

You'd be a fool to miss it.

Stoner doom is a scene that will never die. Too many people have become addicted to the riff to let the genre fade while the online community is extremely active, sharing bands with each other and promoting shows, tours and new releases over social media. But this passion is also translated into the real world, fans flock to shows, queue in the rain, buy the merch and actually invest themselves in the bands. This has enabled foreign bands to tour the world and break even.

Bongripper London 2017

Camden loves Apey and the PeaWhether it was supporting Weedeater last year or playing Desertfest in April, the hard-partying Hungarians are always welcomed back. Currently riding a wave of success, the band are a perfect opener for the show. Energetic, hard-hitting and damn enjoyable, this is a band who are on the rise. It’s best to get down and see them early before they end up headlining future events.

Primitive Man are one of the most negative bands out there. Sludge doom of the highest calibre, these misanthropic warriors will make a return to London after destroying The Underworld last year. Harrowing and melancholic sludge that will block out the sun, one of the jewels of the Relapse Records crown. This blackened stoner doom trio from Colorado are not to be missed.

Wherever Bongripper play, it is an event. They’re the kind of band you will travel miles to see, buy a shirt and break your neck headbanging to. The kings of stoner doom have made some of the best albums of recent years. Their 2012 album Satan Worshipping Doom, is considered a modern day classic and cornerstone of the genre. Four gentlemen from Chicago who create a massive wall of sound, a destructive force of stoner nature. This is Bongripper’s first London show since 2013, you’d be a fool to miss it.

More info can be found on the Facebook event here and tickets can be purchased here

Apey and the Pea
Primitive Man
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The Camden Underworld

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