5 Reasons to visit Wacken Open Air

Welcome to heavy metal town.

It’s that time of the year. The weather is warmer, or at least should be, and the festival season is well underway. We will be bringing you coverage from a variety of festivals this summer. My choice this year is Wacken Open Air. Sadly, I missed last year’s edition, and that was one year too many without Wacken.

Why, you ask? Well, I list my five reasons below.

Wacken poter 2017

  1. Beer pipe

You must have read about the beer pipe the festival has installed, right?! That is something I do not want to miss. As previously reported, the beer stalls in front of the main stages will be provided with fresh beer from a new underground beer pipeline running through the festival grounds.

  1. Atmosphere

I can’t emphasise this enough. The atmosphere at Wacken is unlike any other I have witnessed. I can’t say I have been to every festival in the world, but the friendliness and community vibe that is created at such a huge festival should speak for itself.

  1. Bands

Every year people tend to complain more and more about the band line-up at Wacken. I don’t have a problem with it though. There is a band for every taste, and at any point of the day or night. Cramming festival line-ups with every kind of band is becoming more and more popular at such events, however, at Wacken it feels like you can pick a few bands to watch during the day/night and also give yourself time exploring the rest of the festival site; whether it is the Medieval/Viking area, Metal Market or playing football among others.

  1. Service

From the bar staff through to the toilet cleaners to the security, everyone at Wacken is there to help you in having the best time of your life. Everyone’s a metalhead during the Wacken weekend.

  1. History

This is quite self-explanatory. Just being at Wacken is like you are a part of the international heavy metal community and create heavy metal history together with everyone present there.

Wacken 2016

They say that Wacken is the headliner of the festival and the bands just perform their “best of” shows… take the trip to Wacken Open Air, soak in the experience, drink your beer and I assure you that you will have an experience!

Limited tickets for this year’s edition are still available here.

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