Furia – Księżyc milczy luty

A beautiful experiment of combining differing ideas into a nifty package.

Księżyc milczy luty is an album by Polish band Furia, which I would describe as “blackened post-doom” in style.

The opening track, ‘Za ćma w dym’, greatly showcases this; it opens with calm, jazz-like drumming and riffing, but quickly adds an ever so slightly doom sound. Vocals don’t kick in until around the four-minute-mark, which allows the melodies to enthrall the listener first. Thirty seconds later, we get a beautiful, vibrant riff which carries us to the closing section of the track.

‘Ciało’ – the album’s second track – opens much the same way, yet introduces a whole new atmosphere: calm, yet somewhat cautionary or foreboding. When we get more sound to work on around the two-minute-eight-second mark, these suspicions are confirmed: we’re assaulted by discordant guitars and aggressive drums – both of which become more so at the two-minute-fifty-six-second-mark.

The third track, ‘Tam Jest Tu’, opens with very bereaved, hopeless sweep-picking and strumming which create an atmosphere of depressed-calmness. Bass and drum melodies join in for a time, but all instrumentation slows shortly before vocals join in. The track takes a very hard turn in the opposite direction around the five-and-a-half-minute mark, becoming very fast, loud, and aggressive, but retaining that somewhat-positive sound found in post-metal. I would describe this part onward as a beautiful example of “blackened post-doom”.

‘Grzej’, the album’s fourth track, adds further to the emotional atmosphere created throughout the album thus far. A minute-and-twenty-seconds of introductory riffing leads to aggressive vocals and fast drumming. The song drops to a slower pace for a short time before gradually increasing pace to the point of relatively-chaotic, loud instrumentation.

The better part of the album’s fifth track, ‘Zabieraj łapska’, utilises a calm, rhythmic melody to gently pull the listener in – with a couple brief moments of intense energy interspersed throughout. The track’s energy then remains for the remainder of the song starting at the 4:27 mark. The preceding rhythm creates a beautiful sense of anticipation of this.

The album’s closing track, ‘Zwykłe czary wieją’, has a very strong stoner metal sound to it, and retains a solid pace and atmosphere throughout it’s roughly six-minute track length, yet it’s latter half does sound a little more upbeat and positive-sounding.

Overall, I’m pleased with this album – it’s a beautiful experiment of combining differing ideas into a nifty package. For the most part, the sound greatly reminds me of Salvation-era Cult of Luna, with some of Furia’s own added uniqueness. I would highly recommend this album to fans of post-metal.

Furia - Księżyc milczy luty

Track List:
1. Księżyc Milczy Luty
2. Ciało
3. Tam Jest Tu
4. Grzej
5. Zabieraj łapska
6. Zwykłe czary wieja

Furia are:
Nihil – Vocals/Guitars
Sars – Bass
Namtar – Drums
A – Guitars

Furia. Photo by Rafał Kotyłak

Furia. Photo by Rafał Kotyłak

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