Five Bands To See At Bloodstock 2017 (Ronnie James Dio Stage)

"Somehow, Decapitated are criminally underrated. "

Bloodstock Open Air 2017 is almost upon us after what seems like an eternity of waiting. Soon I’ll be back in a field surrounded by 15,000 metalheads drinking alcohol and partying hard. For this preview, I picked bands I would recommend that are not obvious draws, therefore, there will be no headliners, special guests or big names.

Four years ago when Whitechapel played Bloodstock, they were the dark horse. A booking that angered a portion of the core demographic for booking ‘teenage deathcore’, as one disgruntled fan put it. But Whitechapel have grown into a furious death metal band who put in a memorable, energetic and deafening performance that blew away any cobweb on the Sunday morning. Whitechapel since then have two more albums under their belts which have caused the band to grow with every release. They are definitely worth seeing live.

Somehow, Decapitated are criminally underrated. Despite smashing every single UK date they play, whether it’s a festival or a club show, they are not as big as they should be. As a live act, they always bring their A game and are always amazing. A return to Bloodstock will be no different, playing songs from their new album Anticult, it really is time to start paying attention to Decapitated.

Every year Bloodstock has a controversial booking, this year it falls to Chelsea Grin and Flint’s King 810. King 810 are a weird one, their songs resemble everything from noise, avant-garde and nu-metal in their quest to raise awareness to Flint’s problems. King 810 are a risk in some regards for Bloodstock, but you have to take risks to win and this band will win.

Opening the main stage on Sunday are a band who will wake up the hungover crowds after Ghost on Saturday. Broken Teeth’s trajectory has skyrocketed. They signed to Nuclear Blast and are consistently touring, including tours with Testament and Savage Messiah. Broken Teeth excel at getting a crowd going and will easily get the first pit of the day at the festival; but how many will survive it is another tale.

In a planet that is being ravaged by President Trump, we need bands like Brujeria. After winning new fans by touring with Ed Miliband’s favourite band, Napalm Death, the Mexican grind legends will be treating us to a sharp grindcore attack that the festival needs. Brujeria are worth the price of the ticket alone and are essential viewing to all.

King 810
Broken Teeth

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