Hands of Thieves – Feasting on Dark Intentions

A great example of the core of the ‘black-doom’ sound.

Feasting on Dark Intentions is the latest EP by American blackened doom-death band Hands of Thieves released by Hellthrasher Productions on CD on July 7th, 2017, vinyl by Baneful Genesis Records on February 14th, 2017, cassette by Transylvanian Tapes on September 11th, 2016, and digitally on August 5th, 2016 by Transylvanian Tapes. The album’s first track, ‘Wrath Weaver’, opens with brutal pace after a few moments of eerie calm and quickly drags the listener into stygian realms of some unknown abyss, and thence the album begins.

‘Violated at Heart’, the album’s second track, heavily emphasises the band’s more doom-oriented sound by using down tuned guitars and groovy melodies throughout the gloom-drenched song. The third track on the album, ‘Sun Mocker’, showcases a synthesis of all three above-mentioned styles, yet this time ‘round places an emphasis on the blacker side of the band’s sound. It thoroughly creates an atmosphere rife with foreboding grief and fear by using shrieked and growled vocals alongside infernal, tremolo-picked guitars with moments of doom-oriented slowdown.

The album’s final track, ‘Conduit of Grief’, develops and maintains an atmosphere built of bereavement and contempt. The track utilises nefarious guitar melodies, vocals switching between forlorn howls and screams, and disdainful growls and shrieks.
This track goes between the two moods, and at times combines them to create the aforementioned atmosphere.

The album is recommended for fans of bands such as Black Anvil, Grave Miasma, or Krypts. It’s a great example of the core of the ‘black-doom’ sound.

Track list:

1. Wrath Weaver
2. Violated at Heart
3. Sun Mocker
4. Conduit of Grief

Hands of Thieves are:

Josh Greene – vocals
J. Reid – drums
Jesse Dylan Aspy – guitars
Taylor Robinson – guitars
Adam Wheeler – bass

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