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Cult Drugs has been worth the five years and is an excellent progression from Funeral Bleach. A triumphant return for one of Norway's best kept secrets.

If there is any justice in the world (which seems to be running low these days), Blood Command would be huge. They’re one of those bands who always receives rave reviews but yet go under the radar. Their music is consistently amazing, often challenging and made with a genuine passion and a love of the craft. Their latest album Cult Drugs sounds huge and a step in the right direction for a band who are not one to sit still.

Cult Drugs is one of the best releases of the year and the best hardcore release since Code Orange‘s Forever. But Blood Command aren’t a standard hardcore band; there are angry, aggressive songs, but there are also songs to dance to and sing to. Opening track ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL,’ starts with a huge sounding guitar riff before exploding into a Refused-inspired punk rager. But the chorus is more inspired by pop-punk than hardcore, it’s catchy, honest and upbeat. ‘Cult Drugs’ carries the onslaught with another catchy songs that blends punk, anthem sized guitars, and dance to create a standout from the album. The album is a real mixed bag, with everything from one and a half minute blasts, clean vocal dominated songs to experimental tracks. It’s a real voyage through the band’s creative psyche.

This is the genius of Blood Command, they write songs that blend multiple styles and genres, but with pop song structures that make them accessible and exciting. But that’s not to say Cult Drugs is bland and simple, far from it. Blood Command’s songs feature guitars that could slide into a Refused or Biffy Clyro song, but the band through this are definitely angry, maybe this is why they’re labelled deathpop. Subject matter-wise, the album deals with cults and religion, guitarist Yngve Andersen states “The title Cult Drugs comes from the realisation that we’re all in some ways part of a cult that informs our way of being and our ways of thinking. We’re programmed to perceive ourselves as the good guys, no matter what side we’re on.” This is the theme of the album and what the bulk of the lyrics take up. On ‘Cult Drugs,’ Karina Ljone sings “So sick of fiction, coached in a few facts / Don’t you believe the world is burning by the way it acts?” The poetic lyrics are a real stand out.

In 2015, vocalist Silje Tombre was replaced with Karina Ljone, whose debut performance is fantastic and with Cult Drugs, she has risen to the occasion with ease. Ljone has asserted herself as a commanding presence, a leader and a talented vocalist who at one minute is screaming and the next is delivering a pitch perfect chorus. It’s easy to imagine her leading a crowd at a festival down on the barrier. With so many different forces at work, there is something for almost everyone here which makes this album a real winner. Cult Drugs has been worth the five year wait and is a excellent progression from Funeral Bleach. A triumphant return for one of Norway’s best kept secrets.

Best Tracks: ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL,’ ‘Cult Drugs,’ ‘Gang Signs,’ ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’

1. Ctrl + Art + Delete
2. Cult Drugs
3. Quitters Don’t Smoke
4. Nervous Laughter
5. Gang Signs
6. You Can’t Sit With Us
7. The Secret Impresses No One
8. White Skin / / Tanned Teeth
9. Initiation Tape #1
10. (The World Covered In) Purple Shrouds

Blood Command are:
Karina Ljone – Vocals
Sigurd Haakaas – Drums
Simon Oliver Økland – Bass
Yngve Andersen – Guitar

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