Decapitated – Anticult

Decapitated aren’t reinventing the steel, they are reforming it.

The most fascinating aspect of a long musical career has always been the formula for success. Obstacles can be overcome, even key members replaced if the blueprint is solid but what happens if natural progression changes those ingredients? We’ve all seen bands fade because they lose touch with the identifiable sound that made them successful. We’re in tricky waters here, a place few ever dare to venture…

Decapitated has been active since 1996. Time has allowed the band to evolve from a technical death metal steamroller to a grooving metal force. They are every bit as vicious as they once were but the maturity level of the music has put the band into a stratosphere few are ever able to reach.

Anticult is the latest effort by Decapitated released this July via Nuclear Blast Records. Anticult continues the grove set forth with 2014’s Blood Mantra but takes that theorem to a whole new level. The sequencing of the album is excellent, a perfect blend of atmosphere and tempo. Vogg’s solos are unquestionably the highlight of this release, each song seems to hit another gear when he blends an unusual array of notes into a permeable song structure. The vocals of Rafał Piotrowski match this multilayered attack every step of the way giving Decapitated a well-rounded assault that is more than memorable. Highlight tracks for me are:“ Impulse”, “Kill The Cult”, “Never”, “Earth Scar” and “One Eyed Nation”.

Decapitated aren’t reinventing the steel, they are reforming it. Check out Antilcult and ride this death groove to the front line! \m/

Decapitated - Anticult - Artwork

Track List:
01. Impulse
02. Deathvaluation
03. Kill The Cult
04. One-Eyed Nation
05. Anger Line
06. Earth Scar
07. Never
08. Amen

Decapitated are:
Rafał Piotrowski – Vocals
Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka – Guitars
Hubert Wiecek – Bass
Michal Lysejko – Drums

Decapitated band 2017

More Decapitated:
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