Deadwound, Harrowed, Jøtnarr, Cult Cinema @ The Black Heart, Camden (UK) – 18th February 2017

All four acts smashed it and everyone went home satisfied, another victory for the underground.

The Black Heart is one of the best venues in the UK, above a packed metal pub with a wonderful, unique selection of drinks. The venue itself may be small (140 capacity), but it is a welcome space where you are greeted by friendly folk who want nothing more than a good time. For Deadwound‘s release show, they brought along three support bands who were all excellent and different that added to the witch’s cauldron that was tonight’s line-up.

I had never heard of Cult Cinema until tonight, but I walked away a fan. A genuine talented band whose music was as ominous as it was brilliant. Their music reminded me of Wren with black metal vocals and the material from the Cosmic Horror EPs sounded superb. Their set left a deep impression on me and I vowed to listen to more of their material in the future.

Despite being billed as the sub-headliner, Jøtnarr had to play next due to Harrowed being stuck in traffic. This was my tenth time seeing the Colchester trio and as always they were excellent. Playing mainly new material which was a still departure from the Burn and Bury EP, but still of their signature sound, they used what time they had to annihilate the Black Heart and win a load of fans over in the process. I genuinely hope this band makes it big, they deserve mansions with swimming pools and cider on tap. You can always rely on Jøtnarr for a good show, Colchester’s finest strike gold yet again.

Despite playing a shorter set than planned, Harrowed absolutely smashed it, they were genuinely outstanding. Even two months later I vividly remember how great their set was. A cyclone of metallic hardcore riffs and outstanding drumming. They were easily the best band of the night, if they played for an extra hour no one would have cared. When the band return to The Black Heart in July, I will be there.

Deadwound were awesome and were worthy of the large crowd that came to watch them. They played a strong set, featuring premium cuts of blackened hardcore that would end up in the Tesco finest section. Frontman Phil was an imposing figure on stage, towering above the crowd like a hulking demon warrior. Judging by the size of the crowd and by how much they loved it, the release show was an absolute success. All four acts smashed it and everyone went home satisfied, another victory for the underground.

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