Suffocation – … Of The Dark Light

This is the heaviest the band has sounded in years!

Suffocation has been an active moniker since 1988. Considered by many to be the originators of the brutal death metal sound. The band that has weathered the storms and survived to unveil an effort hailed to be their strongest since 1995’s Pierced From Within. It makes a metalhead question, why now?

It’s not often that we hear of old-school bands turning out modern day classics but that’s exactly what’s happened here. Frank Mullen and Terrance Hobbs are all that remain of the original band but the new blood: Charlie Erriog (Guitars) and Eric Morotti (Drums) have revitalized this attack and raised it to a level of greatness. This is the heaviest the band has sounded in years! The music is a devastating blend of classic death metal and modern tech-death but the biggest stand out on this release is the writing of Terrance Hobbs. …Of The Dark Light is consistently effective and this is undeniably Hobb’s best effort lyrically. The songs all have that trademark Suffo blend which makes it hard to pick out favorites but if I had to, highlight tracks for me are: “Clarity Through Deprivation”, “Your Last Breaths”, “The Violation”, “Of The Dark Light” and “Caught Between Two Worlds”.

This album is so ferociously brutal I had to test it out in my famed ‘Intersection Test’, where I pit the album against other drivers waiting at a stop light. I’m proud to say Suffocation disturbed everyone! I felt like I had the streets all to myself. Nobody wanted to pull along side of me with the savagery of Suffocation blaring!

Frank Mullen has stated publically that this will probably be his last Suffocation album. If he decides to end it here – what a legacy!!! There’s nothing like going out on top and that’s just where Mullen and Suffocation are right now. Check out this revitalizing release!! \m/

Suffocation of the dark light 2017

Track List:
01. Clarity Through Deprivation
02. The Warmth Within The Dark
03. Your Last Breaths
04. Return To The Abyss
05. The Violation
06. Of The Dark Light
07. Some Things Should Be Left Alone
08. Caught Between Two Worlds
09. Epitaph Of The Credulous

Suffocation are:
Frank Mullen – Vocals
Kevin Muller – Vocals
Terrance Hobbs – Guitars
Charles Errigo – Guitars
Derek Boyer – Bass
Eric Morotti – Drums

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