Origin – Unparalleled Universe

This effort is brutally fast and technically aggressive, a maniacal pace which is deviously relentless in design.

Origin has to be one of the best kept secrets in death metal. Growing up with this musical barbarism, I thought I knew every relevant death metal act but the technical extremity of Origin alluded me until 2008 when the group delivered what many consider to be their pinnacle achievement, Antithesis. After that release, I became a huge Origin fan devouring their back catalogue like a cannibal hooked on crack!

Origin, established back in 1997, has released seven full-length albums and one EP. Their latest effort, Unparalleled Universe, was released this past June via Agonia Records.

This effort is brutally fast and technically aggressive, a maniacal pace which is deviously relentless in design. Featuring a sequencing that gives you little time to breathe, Unparalleled Universe is way better than 2014’s Omnipresent. I basically wrote the group off after 2014, thinking they had more or less peaked in 2008 but now I am not so sure…

The production values on Unparalleled Universe are noteworthy. This is the first effort that sounds to have intentionally gone away from the crisp, overtly clean mixes that have misrepresented the death metal sound these past few years. The drums are especially potent and alongside the vocals sit at the forefront of this attack. Together they form a perfect blend of well-timed musicality and unbridled blasphemy! Highlight tracks for me are: “Infinitesimal to the Infinite”, “Accident and Error”, “Mithridatic”, “Burden of Prescience” and “RevoluciÓn” (A wicked Brujeria cover).

The word is out on Origin’s Unparalleled Universe, a technically blasphemous onslaught on your ear drums! Get ready to lay waste to the cosmos! \m/

Origin - Unparalleled Universe

Track list:
01. Infinitesimal To The Infinite
02. Accident And Error
03. Cascading Failures
04. Mithridatic
05. Truthslayer
06. Invariance Under Transformation
07. Dajjal
08. Burden Of Prescience
09. Unequivocal
10. Revolucion

Origin are:
Paul Ryan – Guitar, Backing Vocals
John Longstreth – Drums
Mike Flores – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jason Keyser – Lead Vocals

Origin band 2017


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