Mausoleum Gate – Into A Dark Divinity

Mausoleum Gate is offering us a fantastic album, with Into A Dark Divinity, that could have been released in the ‘70s. An obscure metal masterpiece!

Mausoleum Gate is one of the most promising bands in the vintage metal subgenre. Many fans of this subgenre were impressed by their debut album and have big expectations from the band’s second album. Well, the Finns return with an alluring new album, which demonstrates all their talents and qualities.

“Into A Dark Divinity” continues where the eponymous debut stopped. However, the six new songs feature more keyboards and sound more pompous and epic.  In more than forty minutes of music the great love of the band for the heavy sound of the ‘70s and the early ‘80s is unveiled. Listen to their passionate proto-metal and you will find elements from classic bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Atomic Rooster, UFO etc. You may also discover psychedelic/space/prog rock traces, the guitar work of NWOBHM, the heavy rhythm section and melodies of US metal bands like Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road, even influences from the soundtracks of Italian horror movies. The members of Mausoleum Gate are knowledgeable of the heavy metal origins and that can be heard in their music.

This second Mausoleum Gate music piece isn’t a simple sonic experience; it feels like the band members got themselves into a time machine and travelled back in time. What they witnessed is what you get. Without a doubt, major characters of this strange and singular musical journey are V-P. Varpula (vocals), Count L.F. (guitars) and Wicked Ischianus (bass, keys) –  Varpula sings with such a great passion, the guitar riffs and melodies take you by storm and the keyboards build a unique, dramatic, sometimes occult atmosphere.

There are no fillers; especially the traditional heavy metal enthusiasts will love songs like “Burn the Witches at Dawn”, “Solomon’s Key” and “Horns”, although the most glorious moments of the album are the largest in duration songs, “Condemned To Darkness”, “Apophis” and “Into A Dark Divinity”. In general, Mausoleum Gate is offering us a fantastic album that could have been released in the ‘70s, an obscure metal masterpiece!

Mausoleum Gate - Into A Dark Divinity

Track list:
1. Condemned To Darkness
2. Burn The Witches At Dawn
3. Apophis
4. Solomon’s Key
5. Horns
6. Into A Dark Divinity

Mausoleum Gate are:
V.-P Varpula- vocals
Count L.F. – guitars
Kasperi Puranen – guitars
Wicked Ischanius – bass
Oscar Razanez- drums

Mausoleum Gate band


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