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It’s a testament to Prong‘s skills as musicians that has given them durability and relevance in the world of metal. Tommy Victor and the revolving line-up of Prong have been going since 1986, touring the world and constantly releasing albums. Lately they seem to be on a role, releasing a new album every year since 2014 and winning over new fans in the process. In 2017 they unleashed their 12th album, Zero Days. An album that fits shoulder-to-shoulder with other classics in their discography.

Zero Days doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it’s a damn entertaining and aggressive metal record. Zero Days is classic Prong material that does what it says on the tin, thirteen songs that contain break-neck speed metal, catchy lyrics, infectious groove and Tommy Victor’s commanding vocals. It’s a mixture of metal, old and new, with a bit of punk thrown in there for good measure. It’s an album that’s easy to pick up, it doesn’t need to be listened to in full to be fully appreciated, yet it flows really well together.

Twelve albums in, you know what to expect from Prong. Victor and co will give it their all but it won’t rewrite the rule book. Some songs sound repetitive but there is enough deviation to not lose interest at any point. Zero Days is not going to win a Grammy or get them an interview on the Graham Norton Show; but it’s going to entertain a lot of people. Like their heroes Motörhead, they’ve found what works and they work with it and play to their strengths. They’re not going to change and do a bunch of 15 minute prog songs or an acid jazz album that was recorded on Everest. But what they are going to do is the same thing they’ve always done and that is rock hard!

Zero Days is like British TV Presenter Stephen Mulhern, a professional who does his job effortless with a cheeky grin on his face throughout. Prong have not deviated from the formula, but they don’t need to as they know what works and what the fans love. It’s safe to say this is an album the fans will lap up in spades. Zero Days is the best Prong album in years. Same time next year lads?

Best Tracks: Zero Days, Divide and Conquer, Blood Out of a Stone, The Whispers and Wasting of the Dawn.

Track list:

1. However It May End
2. Zero Days
3. Off the Grid
4. Divide and Conquer
5. Forced Into Tolerance
6. Interbeing
7. Blood Out of Stone
8. Operation of the Moral Law
9. The Whispers
10. Self Righteous Indignation
11. Rulers of the Collective
12. Compulsive Future Projection
13. Wasting of the Dawn

Prong are:
Tommy Victor (Vocals, Guitars)
Mike Longworth (Bass, Backing Vocals)
Art Cruz (Drums)

More Prong:
Official Website

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