Edguy – Monuments

Edguy’s caliber is remarkable and Monuments proves the importance of the band’s own chapter in the book of heavy metal.

They got famous as successors of the classic european power metal bands (Helloween, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray etc). They grew even bigger, when they took a turn to a more commercial, hard rock sound. Nowadays, Edguy is celebrating its 25-year anniversary as a band, with the release of Monuments, which consists of both old and new material.

It is their present to their large and loyal fan base, an album, where you can find not only the best songs of their successful career, but also five new tracks plus an unreleased track from the “Savage Poetry” album era (“Reborn in the Waste”). Monuments is a compilation that showcases the musical quality and the achievements of Edguy. Tobias Sammet and co. are a true rock n’ roll machine that creates phenomenal metal albums and thrills the crowds with its stage energy.

This “greatest hits” album reflects the unique songwriting and the tremendous musicianship of Edguy and gives us one more chance to party with the band’s anthems. Older fans will remember the power and the glory of Edguy, younger fans will learn the skills of the band, we all are happy to listen to the new songs, which feature the varied elements of Edguy’s music style.

Let’s examine these new tunes. All five of them remind of the “Hellfire Club” album (2004), since they combine the classic metal sound with euro-power metal elements and the hard rock extravaganza. “Ravenblack”, “Landmarks” and “The Mountaineer” are brilliant, epic musical compositions who will satisfy every Edguy fan; “Wrestle the Devil” and “Open Sesame” are fantastic rockers who can broaden the band’s audience.

Of course, this “new blood” gives us the promise of a spectacular new album. Edguy’s caliber is remarkable and Monuments proves the importance of the band’s own chapter in the book of heavy metal.


Track list:
Disc I
01. Ravenblack
02. Wrestle The Devil
03. Open Sesame
04. Landmarks
05. The Mountaineer
06. 9-2-9
07. Defenders Of The Crown
08. Save Me
09. The Piper Never Dies
10. Lavatory Love Machine
11. King Of Fools
12. Superheroes
13. Love Tyger
14. Ministry Of Saints
15. Tears Of A Mandrake

Disc II
01. Mysteria
02. Vain Glory Opera
03. Rock Of Cashel
04. Judas At The Opera
05. Holy Water
06. Spooks In The Attic
07. Babylon
08. The Eternal Wayfarer
09. Out Of Control
10. Land Of The Miracle
11. Key To My Fate
12. Space Police
13. Reborn in The Waste

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