From tomorrow, the 6th edition of Beyond The Gates Festival will take place in Bergen, Norway. As announced last year at the Anniversary Party celebrating the milestone 5th edition, the festival is reduced from 4 to 3 days and in addition to the traditional underground venue, Garage club, a new larger venue is added: USF Verftet. That’s where the main stage is moved to and where the headliners will perform.

2017 Beyond The Gates VI Bjorgvin Black Mass

Because of the very strong connection with the Garage venue a new feature named The Dungeon is introduced to the festival and four bands will perform there on August 25th and 26th in the late afternoon: Darvaza, Vircolac, Vorum and 13th Moon. The headliners Master’s Hammer, Mayhem and Enslaved as well as the rest of the bands will be performing at USF.

MetalRcusants will not be going to make it this year, but we have been there last year. Twenty bands have performed – in running order: Gravdal, Nettlecarrier, Reptilian, Ritual Death, Infernal War, Sortilegia, Black Anvil, Urfaust, Secrets of the Moon, Gaahls Wyrd, Black Magic, The Spirit Cabinet, Malthusian, Degial, Destroyer 666, Magister Templi, Saturnalia Temple, Gehennah, Nekromantheon and Venom Inc. Enjoy the photo gallery as a reminder.

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All photography by Jadranka Tolic / Afanya Photography. All rights reserved.


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Beyond the Gates «BJØRGVIN BLACK MASS 2017»
USF / Garage August 24th – 26th 2017


THURSDAY 24.08  

USF Verftet

18.00 Doors open
18.50 Whoredom Rife
20.00 Cult of Fire
21.00 Dark Sonority
22.00 Mgla
23.30 Master’s Hammer


01.00 BardSpec

FRIDAY 25.08

GARAGE – The Dungeon

15.00 Doors open
15.30 13th Moon
16.30 Vorum

USF Verftet

18.00 Doors open
19.00 Misthyrming
20.00 Negative Plane
21.00 The Ruins of Beverast
22.00 Vemod
23.00 Revenge
00.30 Mayhem


GARAGE – The Dungeon

15.00 Doors open
15.30 Vircolac
16.30 Darvaza

USF Verftet

18.00 Doors open
19.00 Black Magic
20.00 Sumerlands
21.00 Exciter
22.10 Denner / Shermann
23.40 Enslaved

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