SACRED REICH w/ Chemikill & Eradikator @ O2 Academy, Birmingham – 27 July 2017

During the 30 Years of Ignorance Tour thrash metal legends Sacred Reich from Phoenix, AZ invaded England. Birmingham was their second target destination with some local reinforcement. It’s always a pleasure to attend a gig at the O2 Academy regardless who is the performer, top live music experience is always guaranteed.

Sacred reich 30 years of ignorance tour

When I entered the venue, Sacred Reich were having a signing session for the pleasure of the lucky few, who decided to turn up in time rather than 10 minutes before their show. Phil Rind and his band seemed keen to chat and share drinks with anyone who was patient enough to wait long long minutes for their turn. The ’meet and greet’ was still going on when the first band took the stage so they had to carry on with signing the relics in the dark.  

Birmingham based Chemikill was the first on tonight’s bill and they did a really good job, but in my opinion they need something to fuel up their show. All the songs they played were all right but it didn’t touch me that much. Their influences were obvious but I missed a bit of creativity from their overall performance. Unlike the second band called Eradikator (also from Birmingham) who had the right ’in-your-face’ attitude and the singer literally behaved like that. The tempo they dictated was perfect  to turn the crowd on and also there was no shortage of brilliant solos. Even after two massive full releases (Dystopia 2012. Edge of Humanity 2015.) the band is still unsigned but after what I saw tonight I’m pretty sure they won’t remain without a label for too long. Good luck lads.

After a bit of a break and a long change over, it was Sacred Reich’s turn to perform a small piece of their 30 years long history. Since 1985 the band bulit a pretty solid reputation and cult around them just like many other bands from the mid 80s wave of thrash metal. Hence why the average age of the crowd was 40+ but it only meant more dedication toward the band and even more tough party. This statement was proved by those who barely could stand on their feet and people who literaly collapsed at the bar during the main show, but who cares. In my opinion they made the night even more authentic. Sacred Reich couldn’t even ask for a more keen and reliable audience.

So the room was packed at this point as everyone who turned up tonight came back from the smoking area and even the previous two bands and their close friends were supporting the front rows when the lights went out. They kicked off with Ignorance but that wasn’t the only album title song they played as Independent and The American Way was also on their list among many other neck-breaking tracks. Obviously the set they played consisted of only old songs, after all the tour meant to be a series of nostalgia performances, celebrations of three decades of existence rather than promoting the band. They don’t need too much promo anyway to attract an army of fans.

It was amazing to see how happy they were to play for us. Phil never stopped smiling and I think they enjoyed the show even more than we did. Tonight was only the third show of the tour and many more were ahead of them but I’m pretty sure they will play with the same energy and with the same devotion even on the last show in Athens later in August.

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