Devil Electric – Devil Electric

With catchy songwriting, powerful vocals, and an overall fun wicked haze, they will certainly go far beyond the land down under.

Australian doom metal outfit Devil Electric have been up-and-coming ever since their debut EP last year. Now with a full-length under their belts, will they go from the pits of hell to the upper echelon of metal?

I will say right off the bat that each of the nine songs are great. The band displays a healthy variety in songwriting. From foreboding melodies to more relaxing licks, Devil Electric has it where it counts. They have all the elements of the all too familiar retro doom formula: bluesy riffing, mid-song time signature changes, dark (but in a fun way!) imagery, and even the obligatory soft mellow song. That list may have come off as a complaint, but it’s the only real flaw in the record, and it’s pretty minor. I’m so enamored with and entrenched in the doom scene to the point where this isn’t an issue for me.

The opener, “Monologue” definitely starts the record off right with energetic incantations. Singer Pierina O’Brien already proves she has the pipes for the job. “Lady Velvet” is single material for sure, sounding like it came straight form an early ’70s hard rock band. “The Dove and the Serpent” was featured on their EP and is a very solid track about good vs. evil. “Hypnotica” is definitely their greatest number, and they saved the best for last. The money riff is spellbinding as hell. I love me a good witchy riff to worship. At 36 minutes and nine songs, the album runs at a brisk pace and paradoxically like a flash fire.

Ultimately, Devil Electric isn’t doing anything new. They feel very much akin to both their forefathers and peers. This is by no means a bad thing. With catchy songwriting, powerful vocals, and an overall fun wicked haze, they will certainly go far beyond the land down under.

Devil Electric - Devil Electric

Track List:
1. Monologue (Where You Once Walked)
2. Shadowman
3. Lady Velvet
4. Acidic Fire
5. Monolith
6. The Dove & the Serpent
7. The Sacred Machine
8. Lilith
9. Hypnotica

Devil Electric are:
Pierina O’Brien – Vocals
Christos Athanasias – Guitar
Tom Hulse – Bass
Mark van de Beek – Drums

Devil Electric band 2017

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